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    Will Burgess

    I recently downloaded a third party kontakt library from pianobook, and I’m having trouble installing it to native access. Where do I find the serial number?


    Hi Will! None of these instruments have serial numbers, all you have to do once they download is drag in the “.nki” file that comes with them into the kontakt window and locate any files if asked (which should all be within the same folder / zip you downloaded)

    Getting a library which has serial numbers registered to NI is very expensive and a long process, fortunately in Kontakt most of these instruments are created new and saved as patches with the samples mapped and scripts all ready to go.

    If this is a little unfamiliar you can always load in the instrument and save it as a channel strip / patch / group in whatever DAW you use in order to easily access it in the future.

    Marco Iannello

    Also, all the Kontakt libraries hosted here require the full version of Kontakt, it may (or not!) be obvious, but I think it is better to be reminded of that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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