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    Derek Gardner

    Hello my new friends

    I have just joined this amazing group, what incredible talent … a quick question, I have spent loads on Native Instruments and have a stack of their instruments and of course the Kontakt Player … the libraries available here, are they only for the FULL VERSION of Kontakt?

    I simply don’t have spare cash available, having also splashed out on Cubase 11 Pro, so will have to wait until Black Friday for Kontakt Full if the Pianobook libraries won’t work with the Player

    Thanks in advance for your reply, it is greatly appreciated

    Peace, Love and Music

    bo din

    They will work with the Player 6 version but only for 15 minute before you need to reload.

    In the meantime you can use the free Decent Sampler by Dave Hilowitz for over 100 Pianobook libraries and sforando, sfz and sfizz (all free) for any Pianobook libraries available in the sfz format.

    There is currently no easy way to find all the Decent Sampler instruments so best start at the post that comes up here;

    EXS24 to DecentSampler conversion

    Derek Gardner

    Thanks so much Bo, I have downloaded Decent Sampler and Sforzando, both are excellent to use … really appreciate your help


    Here is a search link for Decent Sampler:

    Instruments for Decent Sampler

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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