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    I’ve been having issues with the “your Kontakt version is too old” error on many of the Pianobook instruments.

    BALTIWURLI by Chester Gwazda
    HARP PIANO by Angus

    I have Kontakt 6, but an older version as I can’t get the newest updates due to being on an older Mac OSX. Are Native Instruments really making it so instruments are not backwards compatible even within different versions of 6?

    Is there another error going on here, I wonder?

    Wondered if anyone would be able to shed some light?

    Thanks in advance everyone

    William Philipson

    Unfortunately, that’s just the way Kontackt roles, the have no backwards compatibility. I think it would be really great for creators to label their instruments with which version of Kontackt they were made with.

    Bob Ellis

    William your suggestion has also been made by several others, myself included, but its been ignored.

    Joe B

    I agree, labelling which version of Kontakt used would be very helpful and so easy to add to the library description. Wonder why it’s ignored?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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