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    christian boman

    how do I add a new library in kontakt 6 from piano book?

    bo din

    You can’t add them directly to the libraries tab.

    Here’s one way of loading them into Kontakt.

    Click on Load/Save (floppy disk icon) and select Load and navigate to wherever the nki or nkm files are.

    Remember in Kontakt Player they will only run for 15 minutes before you need to reload the library, but Pianobook Kontakt libraries will run without limitation in the full version of Kontakt 6 (and K5 if made with that version).

    There are other methods.


    The files for Metallurgic Alchemy are corrupt and won’t open in Konkat 6 on Mac.

    bo din

    Works fine here on Win10.

    After extracting the files, I immediately delete all the mac rapple files, so can’t advise on that.

    What is corrupt exactly; the zip file or the extracted files or the Metallurgic Alchemy.nki file ?

    Have you tried downloading again or repairing the zip file if that is the problem ?

    Sam Wickens

    I have just bought Kontakt 6 and 3 instruments i downloaded from piano book all say they are corrupt, I’m not sure what is happening, im on MAC aswell.

    Steffen Ki

    hello there,
    I have the latest version of Kontakt 6.6.1 and when i try to open some instruments like the Celeste Kalimba for example it says “Your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file. Please update to the latest version”. Did anyone else here experience this?

    Grateful for any hint or advice.

    Thank you


    bo din

    Open Native Access and under Kontakt 6.6.1, hover on FULL VERSION until REINSTALL appears and run it again.

    Lets us know whatever happens though.

    Jakub Checinski

    I installed 2 sample players and each one has an issue…one says demo (I own full Kontakt) and the other says to insert some serial number.

    bo din

    I don’t understand what you are saying Jakub, do you mean two separate libraries (instruments) ?

    Have you just purchased the full version of Kontakt and are new to it or have you been using it for a long time.

    Give us a few more details, particularly names of sample players, libraries and where you purchased them from.

    Henrik Hansson

    Jakub: What libraries? Libraries from Pianobook? Sounds more like you installed some commercial libraries you didn’t purchase, or am I wrong?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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