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    Miloslav Burda

    Good day.
    I would like to ask, how I can make my knob control functions such as Reverb and Release.
    Currently, the script I made is based on the video and it can only adjust the volume of samples.
    Anyway Reverb and Release… I don’t know how to do.
    Is there anyone here who can show me how to make this work?
    Thank you in advance for reply.


    Maximilian Kisbiro

    Hey Miloslav!

    It actually is quite easy. It works the same way you did with the volume.
    See the $ENGINE_PAR_VOLUME as adress within Kontakt. So you just need another adress.
    I do not know them exactly atm but there is a huge list in the KSP-reference with all the
    controllable parameters in chapter 21.
    So you just need to insert your prefered reverb in one of the instrument- (serial) or better send-fx-slots (parallel),
    copy your “on ui_control” and change the adress ($ENGINE_PAR_abc,x,y,z). donĀ“t forget the internal routing
    when working in parallel via the “Sends” If you do not want to alter the reverb itself, you can just connect the
    reverb-button to the send-level.

    There should also be a tutorial-video from David Hilowitz…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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