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    Bob Ellis

    I sent the following to Pianobook for inclusion with the already posted formats (EXS or Kontakt 6+) but they have not yet appeared so I thought it best to post here. All three have the blessing of the original curator and uses the flexible Photosynthesis Engine for added creativity.

    Ash Verjee – St Helen’s Cantores (Noise Reduced and amended skin by Darren J Prescott)

    Jacob Maloney – Thrumming Texture Pads (EXS to Kontakt)

    Dan Keen – DK Isolation Collaboration (worked closely with Dan to get it sounding like he wanted)

    Here is the folder link


    Bob Ellis

    Have also added the excellent Mason Hamlin Piano to the folder above (not worked with the original curator on this as no link on their page)


    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for this! Great work.

    It seems many people are having this same issue of ‘Kontakt version too old to load the file’.

    It’s so frustrating.

    Two of the best sounding Pianobook submissions in my opinion:

    BALTIWURLI by Chester Gwazda
    HARP PIANO by Angus

    They’ve both been submitted recently and both give me the “too old” error.

    Pretty eager to get these working – would yourself or anyone else be able to backdate them please?

    Would be much appreciated if so!

    Thank you in advance

    Bob Ellis

    Hi Toby

    Glad you found the work useful.

    It is frustrating but its also time consuming converting from 6 to 5.8 as you work in the dark sometimes and then have to find/guess the curators original intent to try and get the instruments to sound the same. Recently I received notification from Native Instruments about anupdate offer and I thought £44.50 was worth it so I now have Kontakt (6).

    I will continue to make any new instruments in 5.8 but my conversions will stop as I want to spend that time composing. Hope you’ll understand.




    No problem, Bob

    Makes sense – totally understand.

    I‘m actually on Kontakt 6 but just not the latest version as I’m on an older OSX version and so can’t get the latest version. Wondering if theres actually another error happening here?

    Are Native Instruments really making instruments that are made in, say 6.2, incompatible with 6.1?


    https://www.pianobook.co.uk/forums/users/definitely_toby/ No, and for example the ” Rolling Piano.nki ” doesn’t opened by Kontakt 6.2.1 so you need to upgrade to the last system version.

    Bob Ellis

    Have made a 5.8 version of Pianodrop #37 “AM Static Voices” inside the Photosynthesis engine

    Dropbox link to AM Static Voices

    Please let me know if you have any issues

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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