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    Brian Kooshian

    When I try to load Jansport in Decent Sampler I get an error message telling me that “This preset is missing 1000 samples.” When I try to “Locate Directory” it takes me to the correct directory, but still can’t find the samples, even though all 1000 of them are right there when I look in File Manager.

    Is anyone else having this issue?

    bo din

    lofi Audio – the Janstorp.dspreset needs to be in the folder that also contains the Samples folder and the Images folder.

    Brian Kooshian

    It is there. It loads the images just fine, just not the samples.

    bo din

    Do you have many other decentsampler instruments and if so do they load ok , and if you click on File does it bring a list of those presets/libraries up ?

    bo din

    After a lot of trial and error, uninstalling, deleting certain files I’ve think I have discovered that Windows v1.0.4 of DecentSampler appears to have a bug that will not allow you to permanently change the Sample Library Location. And that could be a cause of this issue.

    It is set by default as;

    You should be able to set a different folder when first installing DecentSampler or change it later on in File > Preferences and it does appear to change, but it will revert back to the default. This was not an issue with v1.0.2. I’ll get in touch with Dave Hilowitz about it.

    Brian Kooshian

    I don’t seem to have a problem loading other sample libraries. All of the other ones that I tried loaded just fine. However, even when I browse to the sample folder for Janstorp it still says it cannot find the missing sample files.

    bo din

    I’ve reinstalled v1.0.2 though Janstorp loads in all versions just fine. If I click on File I get a huge panel that shows every preset though it lacks recognisable order and if I go in via Browse I get a similar listing in alphabetical order.

    I’m assuming you are on Windows and using v1.0.4, is that correct ?

    Brian Kooshian

    That’s correct – Windows 10, 64 bit and v1.04 of DecentSampler. DAW is Reaper (also 64 bit).


    Works fine and no oddities in linux reaper. Hope you get the Mac version working soon. Used the Jansport with The Lamp and the Array Mbira, such fun and peaceful music to be played!

    bo din

    Not sure where the Mac version comes in guildorf…

    Anyway the Janstorp folder should contain these;

    If this relationship is not the same it will not find the samples or the gui.

    Once you have got the folder back to the correct state, use Load… and look for the lofi Audio – the Janstorp.dspreset

    It should load correctly with the samples and the GUI.

    Next time you come to load Janstorp, you will see it is duplicated but only one will load correctly.

    Brian Kooshian

    Still no luck. I moved the Janstorp folder to C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingDecidedlyDecentSampler but it still won’t load. I have tried reinstalling it, but still nothing. It always says that it can’t find 1000 samples, even when I point it to the directory that they are in.

    Every other sample library I’ve tried – and I’ve tried dozens – loads perfectly.

    bo din

    Last chance saloon without deleting anything….
    Try loading via File and when it asks for the location of the Sample folder, don’t go all the way down to the Samples folder show it the next level up (e.g. Janstorp (DS))

    If that doesn’t work.
    Dave has uploaded version v1.0.5 for Windows and Linux of DecentSampler that addresses the issue that I had.

    Personally, I’d uninstall DecentSampler and then go to

    and delete the xml file, the db file and also the Cover Art folder. (These will automatically be recreated when you open the new version, though empty)

    Move the Janstorp folder back to where you keep your other Decent Sampler libraries, maintaining the order for the Janstorp folder as in the dropbox image above.

    Install v 1.0.5 and load. Fill in your details and select your Sample Libraries Location.
    Close DecentSampler or replace it with another plugin.
    Reload DecentSampler and allow it a few seconds to scan the folder and then click on File which should now show all the libraries or presets.
    Each one you click on will load and a thumbnail image will be added to the Cover Art folder. I strongly recommend immediately opening every preset via the File tab, to create the link in the database and the correct thumbnail as there appears to be a glitch when opening first time in Browse if you haven’t opened via File first.

    After that you will be able to open any libraries via File or via Browse > My Libraries.

    Just remember to load new libraries and presets for the first time via the File menu.

    Brian Kooshian

    I did all of those steps but I still get the same results. I loaded a number of other libraries with no problems, but no matter what I do, Janstorp won’t find the samples.

    I even tried in a different DAW (Cakewalk) but got the same results.

    (I tried to post links to screenshots of the error messages, but it seems the forum won’t allow it.)


    Found a partial confirmation of your issue in my linux version:

    When loading the preset from the Browse menu, it displays two presets of the same title,
    “lofi Audio – the Janstorp”. One of these works, but the other can’t find the samples! BUT,
    in the actual folder, there is only one preset file:

    /home/username.config/DecentSampler/Sample Libraries/jansportToyKeys/The Janstorp (DS)/lofi Audio – the Janstorp.dspreset

    Has some special file-handling feature coding gone awry?

    When loading the same soundset from the File menu, only one preset is displayed, and it works.

    I’m putting my DecentSampler sound folders in /home/username/Documents, I assume you have
    a similar path in mac’s BSD style pathways. I don’t like putting things in the .config folder,
    that are not actually configs.

    A consideration for sample contributors to ponder, is the use of needless parenthesis and spaces in
    the titles of your creations, short and simple will be understood, and better in most cases.

    Mac users may also face some special file attribute issues that could exist in some new but poorly tested archive-management utility, if not the mac filesystem itself.
    mi tres centavos.


    The issue is in the code.
    If you have a text editor, open the “lofi Audio – the Janstorp.dspreset” file.
    Search and replace:
    Samples/ JTP

    replace all with:

    Notice there is a space between the “/” and the “J” in the original file. This will fix that.

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