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    Johs Walin

    As my fellow non-kontakt owners, I was delighted to hear about the recent Batch of conversion into the DescentSampler format. I have tried a few instruments now and they sound great! Thank you people of Pianobook! But I am not so sure about the plugin (as of now).

    I love the idea, of a free format for multi-samples, and with a worldwide union of samplists thru something like pianobook, spearheaded by a figure like Christian Henson looks really promising.

    Apart for me having I have quite a few performance issues in Ableton live 11, I have a few concerns about the DecentSampler solution:

    1. DecentSampler and seems to be a small operation. And doing a free cross platform software for macOS/win/linux might not be the best sustainable business plan.

    2. There seems to be no forum for bug tracking,

    3. There is a version history (release notes / bugfixes) on decentsamples.com but there is no timeline, no dates. And little communication of goals set for the future.

    4. It is not Open Source, so the amount of code heads weighing in on the solution is somewhat bound to the success of DecentSamples(company). This may not be future proof, and is somewhat unfair towards said developer, as we for no charge, stand in the position of making a deafening array of demands regarding operation of the sampler.

    In my dream scenario someone would step up, with time, skill and opportunity to initiate the production of “the free sampler to end all samplers”. There are several examples of successful free/open software projects out there, Surge 1.8 and VCV comes to mind in the audio field. Looking at to the field of 3D visuals, the development of Blender comes to mind. Community driven, powerful, engaging and rapidly growing to become a force to be reckoned with within the realm of professional 3D video production.

    I applaud DecentSampler for the effort, and hope my performance issues will soon go away, while I dream of nightly builds, Latest stable versions, community funded development, thousands of brains united towards new features and so on…

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