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    Greetings Bo Din and Happy New Year’s Day to you!

    In the category Guitars & Basses, the Instrument names ECHOES. I have a comment/question, if you please.

    It’s my first time to see this interface–I like it! At first, ECHOES produced no sound; as you know, moving the MOD WHEEL corrects that problem and Echoes comes to life!
    I understand that perhaps there are associated Presets, yes? I found a file full of Samples, for sure, and am working with mixing the 4 voices that are present, as you double click on the INSTRUMENT…dot…whatever file type is, which opens the interface in Kontakt.

    It sounds lovely, But I expect I’m missing much of the instruments capability. How would I access any of the Echoes Presets OR manipulate/load/alter the available samples in this Pianobook interface?

    Thank you.
    Mark Meador

    bo dinbo din

    Happy New Year to you Mark !

    Very good question. The vastly underused snapshots feature.

    No, there are no presets or ‘snapshots’ with Echoes.

    To check any if any Kontakt instrument has snapshots;
    click on the camera icon and look to the left in the display for the little drop down arrow to the left of No snapshot loaded.
    And if there are any snapshots they will be listed.

    With Echoes, you have quite a number of controls available for you to alter it.
    If you create a sound that you are pleased with, you may be able to save it as a Snapshot by clicking on the camera icon if necessary and then the Save as icon which slight lower and to the left of the camera icon.

    I say you may be able to save it, because maybe only full Kontakt is capable of saving whereas Kontakt Player may not be.
    For further info, click on the main Load/Save icon to the left of the Settings cog, select Help and then Online Documentation and get the manual !

    btw I do indeed have Echoes listed in the K5.8.1 and it actually requires K6. Sorry, can’t edit it unfortunately. It will have to wait until I upload a new thread.

    AvatarSteve Germany

    Do I need the full version of Kontakt or will the free version be able to play Pianobook instruments?

    bo dinbo din

    Many thanks to all the Library creators and Happy New Year!

    The following libraries also load into Kontakt 5.8.1 and were added to Pianobook on 8 January 2021.
    To locate them, click on the Library tab and select the category.

    CLAY’S HOSE CHOIR (3 nki)

    Found Sounds
    REALLY? A PIZZA BOX? (7 nki)

    SPACE VOICES (2 nki)
    FLOW-FI (13 nki)

    Pads & Synths
    MODULAR FM BELL (3 nki)

    NOVEMBER PIANO (1 nki)

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    bo dinbo din

    Guitars and Bass


    RE: Kontakt’s SNAPSHOT feature, as it relates to ECHOES, specifically, and others, generally.

    I’m nearly too ashamed to respond (at this late date) to your near-instant reply to my ECHOES PRESETS question, posed on JAN 1st of this year. This message due YOU has remained on my TO DO LIST; I’ve simply been on the road working more than at home with my KEYS. Likely, I wouldn’t be here now, were it not for a recent snow storm. My apologies.

    Ok…to begin then. Thank you, bodin, for your most excellent & speedy reply!

    I understand completely, based upon your thorough response to my query, HOW presets are made, when using the instrument, ECHOES. I guessed that the presets task might be up to ME, but had no clue HOW to accomplish the thing. Thanks to you, now I do.

    Again, excuse me for my dreadful reply timeline. I merely wanted you to know your expertise is greatly appreciated.


    bo dinbo din

    Glad that I could help a little and thanks the reply. Is there an end in sight for these storms ?

    bo dinbo din

    Consider this thread old and locked as I have started a new one titled;

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