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    Keith Theodosiou

    A few years ago, I did the Hans Zimmer Master Class.
    On their forum, i got chatting with a lot of composers and joined a composer forum on discord.

    Every few days, they used to give us little tests to hone our composing skills.
    Like, compose a piece of music in half an hour using just flute and strings or compose a piece in an hour with an Arabian or Egyptian feel. Things like that.

    Anyway, one day, we where all chatting using mics on discord and the forum owner couldn’t think of a task for us that night, so for a joke i said ‘why don’t we compose a piece in half and hour using any instruments but only one note up and down the keyboard’ lol.

    He actually said ‘ok, that should be funny, lets do that’.

    So, we all laughed then he said, come back in 40 mins and upload your piece.

    After we all listened to each others creations, i said i liked what i did so i’m going to extend mine into a full piece.

    This is what i composed. The first eight bars was my entry and the rest is what i wrote after.

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