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    New to this forum so forgive me if this has already been discussed
    As many Kontakt users will have discovered importing EXS 24 instruments has been broken for a while. It wont work at all in K6 but there is a fix for K5 which you can then save as and open in K6
    Be warned it does involve downloading a older version of K5 than you may have already. I did this by D/l ing to a different computer but if not an option then you will have to d/l the older version and then re download the latest version.

    D/L from the N/I site the 5.1.0 version of Kontakt.
    Once done go to > library > application support> Native instruments > Kontakt 5 and locate “kconvert bundle”it should be version Copy it to the desktop
    Now go back to the NI site and re download the latest version of K5. Repeat above up to the copy to desktop top bit.
    Delete the latest version of Kconvert in the K5 folder and paste in the one you saved to the desktop.
    Now the import command works. In K5 Navigate in files to the exs instrument, make sure import is selected, locate your exs instrument and the file will open with all the mapping in place.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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