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    Hi all,

    I submitted a contribution about a month ago but it hasn’t appeared.
    I was thinking perhaps there is just a big back log of entries or maybe I made a mistake in uploading or something? I was careful with the instructions but just wondering if I should have had some kind of confirmation or if there is anyway to know if it did succesfully upload?


    Marco IannelloMarco Iannello

    Just a big backlog 🙂


    ah ok thanks!
    Lots more great instruments to try!

    AvatarAlex Beckhelling

    Hi, I submitted a exs instrument called Melodical, Will I get feedback if something is wrong with my submission? Its been at least two months I think now. Not grumbling, just wondering if it’s gonna appear or not. I going to produce a Kontakt version to you see, so could do with some feedback if possible. Thanks

    bo dinbo din

    It’s up now Alex and I love it.

    I have also done a basic conversion to Kontakt. see thread “Kontakt 5.8.1 Converts from this weeks EXS”

    AvatarZachary Miller

    It took my instrument over 4 months to be uploaded. I believe it’s the inherent risk of having a free-to-use website where anyone can upload anything. I can only imagine the backlog they have!

    By the way, your melodica is fantastic and it’s exactly what I’ve been needing for my upcoming album. I owe you a coffee!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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