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    Sage Reynolds

    Hello and Happy Sunday,

    Thank you so much for all of your feedback on my first set of sample instruments!

    An update to Harmonic Flights (version 2.0) is now ready for download on the original Pianobook instrument page (it replaces version 1.0 as the download).

    Although I am very new to GUI design, I reviewed your suggestions and have created what I think is a cleaner GUI for Harmonic Flights for both the Kontakt and Decent Sampler versions.

    Also new in version 2.0:

    – Release Control (Kontakt and Decent Sampler)…. Many of you thought that this instrument needed this. I will consider doing full ADSR in subsequent versions.
    – High Pass Filter (HPF) Control (Kontakt only)…. Christian actually mentioned this in his video where he reviewed the VI, so I thought I’d try it out…. It gives an even wispier character to the sound, focusing on the texture of the bow on the strings.

    Please consider re-reviewing Harmonic Flights with these adjustments in mind.

    I’ll be submitting more instruments soon!
    Thanks again,


    PS: With regards to one of my other instruments, Tos-keys, many of you have mentioned a clicking sound in the Tremolo effect (which is actually Kontakt’s Phasis- a phaser effect). I never get this clicking on my system, so I’m thinking it has something to do with Kontakt/computer settings. A bit of research shows that this happens with certain VIs on certain systems and can sometimes be fixed by adjusting your Kontakt Preferences (Memory, Engine, etc.) I do get a slight degradation of the sound quality when this effect is on, thus the on/off button.

    Sage Reynolds

    My pleasure, bo din! Thanks for letting me know that the message made it through.

    Yes, I agree that some sort of version/update history could be a useful addition to the site.

    Happy composing!

    – Sage

    Alex Raptakis

    Awesome! I also slightly updated my review for it, you got more points šŸ˜›
    Very nice instrument though, well done!

    Sage Reynolds

    Excellent! Thanks so much, Alex. Iā€™m glad you consider the update an improvement. Have a good one and happy composing!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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