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    Mike Martin

    Hey everyone. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this amazing site. Very inspiring.

    My background comes from the hardware world back in the day when a 64MB sample was unthinkable. 😉
    So I have a bunch of content (old and new) that I’m working on releasing.

    Maybe I’m alone but I’ve found the Kontakt script editor somewhat maddening. Despite the videos and templates by Dave Hilowitz and others, I find my brain going to mush and the NI forums…not so friendly – the answer is obviously its in the 253 page manual. I truthfully admire those of you that are able to program these scripts. I can do what I want from a sound design standpoint but presenting it in a usable, tweakable format…well I’m about to give up. EXS (Sampler) is great for creating content for not so great for distribution as the samples are all exposed for the taking.

    Maybe its just the way my brain works but Steinberg’s HALion may be the answer for me. Is anyone here using it? Their GUI (Macro) creator is almost drag and drop. In addition to a sampler there are loads of synthesis capabilities which you can build into your instrument. Once the instrument is designed you can export as an instrument which people can load in the Free HALion SE instrument.

    Thoughts? Do I just suck it up and learn to script in Kontakt? Does anyone else here use HALion?


    …the samples are all exposed for the taking…

    I’m afraid that is the whole point of this community. It’s in the terms:

    Your samples may be freely used by anyone accessing the Pianobook library. Usage of samples may be to create commercial and non-commercial musical compositions or recordings, however repackaging of the samples into a commercial product will be forbidden without your express permission.

    In fact it is recommended (https://www.pianobook.co.uk/submit/) that uploaders include the raw samples so that it will be easier for others to use them. Many Pianobook users count on the ability to use the raw samples in their sampler of choice.

    If allowing others to use your samples however they like (other than to create a commercial product) is a problem, then this is probably not where you want to upload your sample instrument.

    As for the easiest Sampler to create samples for, I would say the Decent Sampler is pretty easy though not as feature rich. Feel free to upload Halion versions of your instruments, but please do also include the raw samples.

    Mike Martin

    Thanks Sid, I suppose including the samples wasn’t entirely clear to me. I’ll get some things up in EXS(Sampler) format soon and work on some other things in Halion for later. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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