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    Hi All!
    I’m trying to make a sampled instrument in Kontakt, but I was excited with my samples and used them in Arturia Pigments 2.0 first. I combined a mix of a pot lid ringing and a screeching milling machine in Pigments and it came out as a very cool pad using their granular synth engine. Now I’m trying to recreate that type of sound in Kontakt, but I feel like I don’t have as much control over granular synths in Kontakt. I’ve played with all the time and tone machine settings, but nothing seems to be as satisfying as my Pigments patch.

    Does anyone here have any thoughts or insights in using the granular features on Kontakt?


    As I continue exploring how to use Kontakt to make some crazy textures from my samples, I found this interesting video.

    Emil G.

    If you really like the sound you get from Pigments 2.0, have you considered Auto-Sampling the sound and then importing into Kontakt?

    I guess it depends on your controller and if you want to make adjustments in realtime, vs creating more static pads. I use an Arturia KeyLab 88, and do enjoy live adjustments.

    Although you can assign and automate the CCs in Kontakt for similar effects.

    Just a thought.


    That’s an interesting idea. Though I’d lose the Pigments controls, but it’s definitely something to ponder. Thanks!


    I finished my instrument and am trying to upload it. Here’s a video of how I made it. It’s my first YouTube walkthrough!

    Millpot DroneSpace Walkthrough

    Keith Theodosiou

    Hi mate, impressive work on this instrument.
    Great video too.
    I would just say that it would have been great if you made two separate instruments of each sound as I thought they both sounded great on their own too.
    Look forward to the download!


    Thanks Keith!

    Hmmm… That’s an interesting idea. It wouldn’t be difficult, it would just take a little bit of time to record the samples, remap them, and change the instrument name on the GUI.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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