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    What sort of variety of music is ideal to submit to composers/managers when seeking a composer’s assistant job?

    About two years ago I “cold-emailed” the management for a fairly prominent film composer to see if they needed an assistant. I sent a short message and a resume. To my surprise the manager got back to me! (like Christian has said, it doesn’t hurt to reach out directly and sometimes it works!) They asked for some samples of my music, and after sending I did not hear back. That could have been for a number of reasons, but I’ll admit that the samples I sent were lacking in film/tv-oriented music. While I have had a steady gig for 7+ years as an orchestrator/copyist on a live TV music show, my own compositions have all been in the world of commercial pop/indie/electronic music, and the rest of my gigs have been touring with pop artists. I’m more serious about wanting to make a transition to media composition now, and I am building up my reel.

    In addition to the skills I have developed from working in studios, orchestrating for Live TV house bands and my own production endeavors, I would assume that many composers want to hear what kind of music you have made (fair assumption?). What key genres or types of scenes do you guys think I should definitely include in my reel? (ie. action, period drama, electronic, romantic orchestral, etc.) Any input from composers who have hired assistants or current composer’s assistants?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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