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    AvatarPatrick Pearce

    Seems as tho a version for Windows is not available correct? If so why don’t you tell people that so they don’t waste their time?

    Looks like the DL file is for MAC machines only as Kontakt doesn’t want to “see” the Files at all on a Windows PC!

    AvatarPatrick Pearce

    ALSO…is this a VST ONLY library and you are NOT providing an AAX version with runs in Pro Tools?

    If that’s the case you need to tell people that TOO!


    Hi Patrick,

    maybe you can describe, what exactly you mean?
    If you downloaded one of the libraries for Kontakt, then these are NOT platform dependent. You need to redirect Kontakt to the place where you unzipped the files.

    If you are talking about the Software DecentSampler, that is in fact only VST + Standalone on Windows, plus AU on Mac clearly described here). But hey, you are a Pro in using ProTools+Kontakt, so just use that combination. DecentSampler is a project of the kind and gracious Dave Hillowitz, providing some relief for those who are not in your position to buy ProTools, Kontakt and the like.

    Hope that sheds some light :).

    AvatarPete Kowalsky

    Is there a “LIKE” button on here for HardyP? 😉

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    AvatarThe Ansion

    I check this post everyday, waiting for a “my bad, I got it wrong – thanks for clarifying” but alas no…

    bit rude

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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