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    Darren Tansley

    I know many of us not only record in studios but (can you remember it) gig live or compose on the road with tiny 25 note keyboards, many of which don’t have a sustain pedal input. Often a seemingly great compact keyboard is discarded as a choice simply because you can’t attach a sustain pedal.

    But since 2019 I’ve been using a four input foot pedal interface which plugs straight into my laptop, entirely bypassing the keyboard and allowing me to attach sustain, expression, patch switching, CC controls, mod wheel, record stop start… well pretty much any function in your DAW to a footswitch via a nifty piece of software. As not many people seem to be aware of this option when selecting their mobile keyboard I thought I’d share a video I’ve posted after a long time using the expander – I should be clear I am not in any way linked to or affiliated with the manufacturer, I’m just an enthusiastic user.

    Hope it might help a few people get their ideal travel rig sorted out. https://youtu.be/EW6gg-bjgjU

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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