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    As I use SFZ, I downloaded the SFZ file for this instrument and the DS Version as well, after dropping the SFZ file into the DS folder it wouldn’t load in sforzano as the paths to the samples were all wrong.

    So I duplicated the DS Folder and deleted everything except the ‘Samples’ and ‘Images’ Folders and edited the SFZ file I downloaded so it now has the correct folder paths to load the Samples, it just needs dropping into the ‘Violin+Flute’ Folder (Violin+Flute/’Samples’ ‘Images’ ‘Flute Violin.sfz’/)

    Also I thought it didn’t work at first as was getting no sound but soon realised the default loaded file had no Volumes set (All 0%) so I just added some random Values so at least it works out of the box, so too speak. (Except Panning, set to 0)

    I hope Jon doesn’t mind and can remove if he does but thought it might be useful for some, or not! 🙂

    (You can just open the file in your Text Editor of choice to check the code and it’s as it was downloaded except for the Folder Locations and ‘set_cc’ Values for the 8 Values, the were 0.)

    Flute+Violin SFZ (Updated)

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