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    Paul Colson

    So from today on, I learned about Pianobook from the VI-Control website.
    They mentioned the FamilyGrand and Wintervoices free download and that is
    what I did.

    But by opening FamilyGrand in K6 (full version), I got a picture of
    “Autumn Piano” containing view of some piano-strings and also a number .605 on it (?).
    No idea where this is coming from as the used .png file is not even;within the FG
    library. The skin is also different mentioning “Dry”, “Slate” and “Tape”, with no
    slider under “Slate”. I cannot even find this exact picture on my computer.

    Hmm, probably some other library is disturbing with an identical file name?
    I searched my Mac from top to bottom, all disc’s and no doubles on the
    “Template_Skin_with_Mic_Levels.png” file found on any of them.
    Also no .png file remotely resembling this Autumn Piano image.

    Anybody any idea what is happening ?


    I have exactly the same issue! If I run the NKI diretly from my downloads folder on my macbook, the skin is fine. If I run it directly from the folder I want to keep it in on an SSD, or from Kontakt, or from Kontakt inside Logic I get the same issue as you. Some clash with a library called Autumn Strings?

    I thought someone at Pianobook admin had mixed up their downloadable files, but no-one else seems to be mentioning this issue.

    Wonder if we will get to the bottom of it!!


    Thanks for that bo din. Sadly I can’t resolve the issue by copying the whole folder rather than the individual files. The problems continues regardless of the copy method

    Pete Kowalsky

    I have no problems with the skin on my MacBook Pro (MacOS 10.15.7) but when I load this .nki instrument it doesnt play any sound. In fact, it hangs Kontakt 6 (latest per Native Access). Other instruments and libraries work fine here. This is weird. How can we get some help with this?


    Pete Kowalsky

    Think I figured my issue out – Kontakt 6 memory server doesn’t seem to “like” this library / instrument. I disabled it, and upon re-starting Kontakt, it’s fine and working now. Odd that none of my other libraries seem to have any issues with that being enabled. Whatever!

    I feel like I need some Kontakt training – maybe time to spend a half-day on Youtube watching some tutorials… 😉


    Hi Pete,

    I have the same issue – opens fine in Kontakt 6 (in Logic X and standalone), but no sound at all. But re-starting Kontakt does not help on my side…


    Pete and HardyP,

    I have the same issue with the .nki and kontakt 6; there’s no sound and will hang Kontakt if I try and close it. I’ve not found a solution yet so if anyone has any ideas please share them here! Joss

    John McFarlane

    I was able to re-create this;

    Make sure when you’ve unzipped the download that you copy across everything into a Family Grand folder. If you do not have the samples and resources folders within Family Grand, it won’t display the Family Grand correctly but the Autumn skin mentioned by others…


    Hi John,
    I can see the skin, but there´s no output. I took the full unzipped folder (even with it´s original name and all other formats)

    Here is my folder structure:

    BTW, with DecentSampler it works fine, so sample files seem to be ok.

    Alan Hill

    Hello all,

    I’m having the same problem. Kotakt 6 works fine with other libraries from here but this one has no sound and hangs Kotakt.

    I am copying the whole folder across to my sample library, as I would with any other library, so sample are in the sample folder but still no joy.

    Any advice appreciated.


    Alan Hill

    I followed Pete’s solution of turning off the memory server and it worked fine.


    Alan, thank you so much for pointing that out again, I misread his mail ar first: I closed memory server and Kontakt, but did not de-activate in the settings… after that, I had also lighting fast loading, BTW.

    Pete Kowalsky

    Joss, HardyP and Alan Hill et al –

    Yes, in Kontakt go into Options, Memory, and uncheck Enable Memory Server and then restart Kontakt (or your host). Sounds like you figured it out. 😉 Glad it worked for you – I haven’t had any libraries behave like this before, but like I said, I’m no Kontakt “guru”.

    I purchased Kontakt recently (and deleted my old less-than-legit version I’m happy to say). As much as I do not like Kontakt and NI’s somewhat stale Komplete bundle, I’d like to NOT miss out on certain amazing libraries/instruments such as these. In fact, I now own Komplete as well though it is not my favorite “piece of kit”.

    I would love it if there were a Spitfire Labs type version of these PianoBook instruments (or even UVI Workstation) that doesn’t rely on Kontakt at all. Decent Sampler is okay but seems pretty, uh, “Spartan”. 😉 The main issue for me and I think lots of people these days is the UI size of Kontakt is not scalable and is TINY. On a 4K monitor it causes all kinds of problems trying to scale things and not ruin the look of your other stuff. On a multi-monitor setup, you can reduce the resolution of one just for older plugins but MAN what a PITA. Anyway, if NI would just UPDATE KONTAKT to address this (and help their library owners update their artwork to scale / etc), it would be GREAT and I for one wouldn’t be bitching about it.

    Paul Colson

    Still always showing The Autumn Piano.

    I moved all files in another folder named “family grand” : same result
    Opening from within Kontakt or not : same result

    I keep getting the wrong skin and cannot find anything within my libraries that is
    called Autumn Piano or has this picture or whatever. The sounds are ok, so not
    a problem, just annoying.

    I just discovered that midi-learn also gets weird. I wanted both mic positions mapped
    to 2 rotary encoders on my S61MK2 and I get only one to work (last one I add).
    Tried with some other libraries of different origin and all work fine.

    But I’m not complaining, the sound is great !!

    Stephen Tallamy

    I believe the issue is down to the wrong wallpaper being shown. The sounds were correct but for some users they were seeing the wrong UI (and some where not!).

    I’ve uploaded a new version that should work. For anyone who has already downloaded the piano you can try downloading this patch and replacing the .nki and .nkc files with what is in the patch zip:


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