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    Hey Pianobook forum, I have been working on a piece of music that includes every pianobook library but i got a small problem.
    So i have already worte with every pianobook kontakt library,
    But sense i’m not a logic user i can’t use esx24 libraries and it’s a bit disappinting,
    So my queastion is if someone who is a logic user wants to collaborate on this project and wirte with every esx24 library.
    it will be nice.
    thank you.

    Darren Prescott


    You can convert ESX24 libraries in Kontakt 5. Unfortunately I have read that this feature broke in Kontakt version 5.2 and it will crash your DAW if you try.

    There is, however, still a way to get this to work. I’m afraid I only know how to do this on a Mac:

    In order to enable the EXS24 to Kontakt conversion feature again you will need an older “kconvert.bundle” file. This is the file that does the converting and in later Kontakt versions it contains a bug.

    If you have Kontakt 4 then you can find a working “kconvert.bundle” file in:

    HD>Library>Application Support>Native Instruments>Kontakt 4

    If so, go to Step 6 below…

    Or, if you own Kontakt 5 then you should be able to download an older version here:


    Just login and type Kontakt in the search field, then find “KONTAKT 5.1.0 Mac OS X Update”.

    Once downloaded do this:

    1. Expand the “Kontakt_5_510U_Mac.dmg”.
    2. Right-click on “Kontakt 5 5.1.0 Installer Mac.mpkg” and choose “Show Package Contents”.
    3. Navigate to Content>Packages, Right-click on “Kontakt 5 System Extensions.pkg” and choose “Show Package Contents”.
    4. Double-click on “Archive.pax.gz”
    5. A new Finder window should open up (in your Downloads folder) with folder “Native Instruments” and in that folder is a Kontakt 5 folder. In there is the file you need called “kconvert.bundle”.
    6. Navigate to: HD>Library>Application Support>Native Instruments>Kontakt 5 and back up the newer “kconvert.bundle” (version by copying it somewhere else.
    7. Copy/replace the older “kconvert.bundle” (version into HD>Library>Application Support>Native Instruments>Kontakt 5

    Then it is simply a matter of dragging the EXS file from the Kontakt browser window into the Multi window. It should load and then you can save it as Kontakt instrument.

    If you are on a Windows machine then it is worth trying to see if you can import EXS files.

    I hope that helps.

    Raul Yebra

    Someone suggested around this forum the use of TX16Wx, and since then it is part of my Windows/Cubase setup.
    Here is the link:


    Hope to listen to your [huge?] piece of music soon.


    Thanks Darren, but i am using kontakt 6 and i am on windows,but i will still try this out,
    and even if it’s will not work thank for helping.


    Thank you Raul, I just downloaded the plug-in and it works.

    It’s a pretty big peice, Without the esx24 libraries there is 176 tracks.
    And i hope you could listen to that vary soon.

    Darren Prescott

    You might need Jake Jackson to help you mix it


    For sure
    I really don’t know how I am gonna mix that it’s huge,
    But I will try my best.

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