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    I’ve learned something.

    A couple weeks back @christianhenson demoed my CP70 kontakt instrument on Youtube and seemed to have an issue with polyphony causing a sort of rapid click noise / buzz:

    And despite my efforts, I haven’t been able to recreate the issue on the instrument to try and figure out the trouble.

    Until Today 😀

    While building an upcoming instrument for pianobook I encountered the same weird behavior, and after another round of some trial and error I’ve found the cause. It’s actually sort of funny, I’ve just commented on another forum post praising Kontakt for its AET filters here: https://www.pianobook.co.uk/forums/topic/suggestion-for-a-future-directory-structure-within-the-zip-file/

    However they are exactly the cause! This instrument was built in 44.1kHz 16-Bit, and has AET filters used to dynamically morph the velocity timbre for a smoother transition sound. When playing instruments outside of this sample rate, the CPU-heavy AET filter struggles at high polyphony and causes that choppy sound. And this has been an issue for a while it seems, here are some other forum posts discussing this:


    I suspect that maybe in the Youtube video Christian was running 48kHz sample rate in that logic project (or higher), as it is an incredibly common sample-rate used in film and tv composition among other things.

    Since I assume many of you are not willing to abandon this sample rate for good reasons, my advice with this instrument and others that have this issue is to simply disable the AET filter hidden behind the wrench icon located in the “Group InsertFX” section of Kontakt. It should still sound mostly the same, however another alternative is to send the part to a 44.1 project file and bounce the stem.

    Moving forward, as much as I enjoy what the AET filter does I will probably not be using it for this exact reason.

    Post over, thanks for reading the novel and stopping by! And I’d love to hear your thoughts below


    Thx Connor for sharing.

    Richard Ferrando

    Good to know! Thanks!


    Interesting thanks so much Connor!


    Is there any chance creating a SFZ mapping for the CP70 library? It’s an incredibly useful format in the freeware realm, since it can be used with freely available software and doesn’t require proprietary commercial playback engines.

    If you are using Kontakt 5 or 4 you could actually export to the SFZ format (minus the proprietary Kontakt scripting).


    Hi! @synthiemental any information about how to export to sfz from Kontakt 4 or 5? I don’t see this as a native feature anywhere I look, the only thing I know of that can do it is the third-party chicken systems software (which I don’t own and can’t currently afford).

    That said, this was also made with Kontakt 6 (Silly mistake of mine, as I own kontakt 5 ). If this is a native feature I would be happy to do it with future libraries if someone could show me what to do, otherwise I would be very appreciative for someone to translate this instrument. I can provide images of any / all of the key mappings, I’ll gladly share the scripting for it, and all of the samples are labeled by note and velocity (chronologically).

    I’m not familiar with building sfz instruments at the moment though, and I want spend my allocated sampling time to building new instruments for the community.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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