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    I’ve just submitted a library under this account and would like to change a couple details. I misunderstood the purpose of the UI Image, I guess I had thought it was for the guys approving it to make sure it loaded up correctly, I’d like to change that image to show just the UI and not my entire desktop, But when I submitted it only allowed me to select one platform, so it currently shows up as only being a Decent Sampler instrument despite having a Kontakt and EXS version in the file as well, so I’d like to update it to include both of those, Any help is appreciated, Thank you.


    Cheers, I was hoping for something I wouldn’t need to bother staff with, but looks like I’m just going to have to contact them, Request now sent.


    Hi there, this is a feature we’re going to add. But wasn’t part of our MVP. I for one have realised from reading some reviews of my latest pack that there is no context to the sound you get without watching the video. A simple caveat in the description I think would fix this so people aren’t downloading something they dont want. I’ll try and get back to you about when we’re likely to add this feature.

    James ALDEN Berry

    Looking forward to this update

    Eamon Coughlan

    Seconded! Finally got around to making a video / audio demo but now can’t add them. Would help to avoid people downloading something they don’t want as Christian said, especially if you realise after a couple of reviews that people are misunderstanding the instrument concept (since it seems like you can’t edit even the description once the pack goes live?)


    Totally agree on this point, also for adding interface screenshots to our previous instruments.

    There are a few instruments where I feel like I conveyed the story well enough in text, but not actually what the performance was *intended* to be like, so I see a lot of contradicting reviews on instruments on the site because people are just naturally inclined to use creative tools differently. That’s a good thing, but it would help to say sometimes that noise or reverb included in a library is deliberate artistic decision and not an accident (if you dont like that choice then thats ok!)

    Also anytime where you can provide additional info that may be an oversight or simply related to an extra contribution, such as someone making an EXS / Sampler or DecentSampler version of your Kontakt instrument.

    Very nice to see that it is being thought about / in the pipeline!

    Jay Lifton

    I would love this feature. Or to simply delete the old one and upload the “upgraded” version.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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