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    Hi. D/loaded this Kontakt instrument. It loads into K5 & K6 ok (1.2 gb) but no sound is output. I batch resaved. And checked other instruments before and after with no issues (Output sounds ok) . Has anyone else had the “silent treatment” from this instrument?.


    Hi I had same issues and do not understand at all how to get the sound of echos ( guitar sound) active. If we have to bring in the wave sounds than this is too complicated to get it working. 8 hours ago the file worked perfect just downloading and then running. So pleas Mathew Jones can you get organised for us a complete working file because your echos program is so excellent and filled with beautiful sounds.
    Thanks in advance!

    Andrew Foust

    The mod wheel is mapped so use that for volume.

    bo din

    Andrew Foust, thanks for the post, alas I really am none the wiser from reading it.

    As a basic user, I just want to load the nki or nkm, eks, sfz and get playing.

    Your technical explanation might be correct but it feels like you are really just poking me in the eye.


    Thanks Andrew. That was it. I keep getting caught out with mod wheel in K6. Many thanjs. Bemused.


    I was having the same problems with this instrument and am relatively new to the full version of Kontakt (two days!), so I wasn’t sure what Andrew Foust (above) meant about the mod wheel. I was fiddling about with the pitch bend on my very basic Casio MIDI keyboard for a few seconds when I realised… He means the mod wheel you see when you click on the spanner icon in Kontakt. A diagram of the active keys on the keyboard pops up at the bottom of the Kontakt window. IMMEDIATELY to the left of this is a narrow strip that turns blue when you mouse click on it and pull up the volume. The audio should then work – it does for me.

    Sorry for all of whom this is in ‘teaching Granny to suck eggs’ territory but we’re not all Native Instruments whizzes. Some of us are no kind of whizzes at all.

    Anyway, thanks, Matthew Jones for the great sounding instrument!

    bo din

    Thanks wordsSHIFTminds,

    I’m sure that will be helpful to others.

    I was upset when I made my earlier post. Irritated that anyone would think that having the mod-wheel working the volume exclusively and set low/null was a useful starting point.

    So in that previous post, I shot the messenger. Apologies to Andrew Foust.

    Then I couldn’t edit it. Ah well.

    bo din

    Cédric MIALARET

    I really don’t know why the volume is controlled by the mod wheel.
    It’s pretty much the first library I load that is acting this way.
    I don’t think it should.

    bo din

    Hi Cédric MIALARET,

    Well there’s a reason behind it, maybe it relates to MIDI usage.

    There are a couple of others that need you to adjust the mod wheel before you get any sound;
    Soft String Spurs – Kontakt 5 by ARC (which doesn’t load in 5.8.1)

    and there a couple of other kontakt instruments where the volume is linked to the mod wheel but you can hear them straight out the box.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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