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    Daniel Thompson

    Hi – I’ve downloaded the Pitched Electric Celeste. I’ve unzipped it. It has a few dozen WAV files. Now what? There seems to be a missing piece? Some missing information? How does one use these? Seems like there should be an FAQ, which, I mean I’d be happy to work on if I had a clue as to what to do next?

    bo din

    The Celeste has been sampled and the wav files used to create a library that loads into a free VST sampler/plugin called Decent Sampler which can then be used in a DAW, or other vst host or as a standalone instrument on your pc.

    When correctly set up, you can attach an external keyboard to play the library or use a pc keyboard for limited control or use it in a DAW with the mouse.

    It might sound complicated if it is all new to you.

    The easiest way for you to start is to search out Decent Sampler at decentsamples dot com. You need to register a free account to use it, so click on My Account at the decentsamples site.
    Then download and install Decent Sampler. Too tired to add much more. See how you get on and post again if you need help. No doubt someone will link to a suitable video to explain it further.

    Good luck and have fun.

    Greg Brace

    Hi Daniel, I’m assuming you’ve downloaded the Decent Sampler already – If you’ve got the unzipped file where you want it to be stored then you should be able to open Decent Sampler in your DAW and load the instrument from the “file” button on the upper right.

    Daniel Thompson

    I figured it out. It requires Decent Player which is a free plugin. It has to be installed and then has to be configured. But the first-time configuration wasn’t clear. It makes it look like you can only download instruments from the Decent Player site. I restarted a couple times, stumbled around, eventually it started working.


    It seems to me that there’s a missing FAQ for beginners…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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