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    Thanks to all who are keeping this community running. Just wondering about my instrument that I uploaded last week. I don’t see it on the site. I’m wondering if there are some criteria I’m not meeting? Or maybe it was just missed?


    Maybe the Pianobbok admins are busy or in some way the lockdown affected them? I uploaded some mappings last week and also haven’t heard anything back from nor seen the mappings appear on their respective pages.

    Darren Prescott

    I’m waiting on one from 3 weeks ago. And another shortly after that. I think they have just been a bit overwhelmed with the amount of submissions.

    Marco Iannello

    I also have been waiting for about 3 weeks for my latest submission to pop up. This is actually the second time this happens, the first time I went ahead and asked whether they had lost my submission, which fortunately was not the case


    Who do we get in touch with to check on the submissions? Uploaded an instrument one month ago and haven’t heard or seen anything on here. I’d like to check and see if there was an issue with the upload or if they have just been very busy. Thanks


    Hello everyone, I’m not a staff member for pianobook or spitfire but:

    The staff team is a little bit busy, sometimes it takes a while for them to see submissions, check that the instruments are valid / safe, and they meet some of the visual criteria as Christian has shown on his channel as of late.

    If you have submitted stuff I would encourage just to be a little more patient, I’ve had upload times anywhere from less than a week to over a month on some instruments.

    That said: There is an email for pianobook submissions, it never hurts to check your spam inbox to see if they’ve sent you a question already or just to drop a line (so long as you remain courteous)

    [email protected]

    Cheers everyone, I’m excited to hear the things you share.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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