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    Jeremy Giraudeau

    Hello friends,

    I know it’s more of a DecentSampler kinda question, but as there is no official forum and is mainly used by pianobook users, I give it a go here.

    I noticed that if you move the path of your PB Samples library into another folder or rename it, you obviously have to update the library path into the preferences of DS, but the old ones remains as well.

    So in My Librairies, you have to remove one by one the previous locations as there seems to be no function to resynch it..

    Am I missing something, or is there a way I don’t know to regenerate a clean path ?
    If there is a more appropriate place to post this, let me know as well.


    bo din

    I see it’s up to v1.0 now. So I downloaded it and tried it. It doesn’t seem to automatically search the folder you can set in preferences.

    I keep all the old versions and took a punt on re-installing v0.8.1 and it instantly searched my folder.

    As I still have no idea how to post an image on this site, I’m not going to try. If you need the image, lets try a dropbox link which I am hoping shows (a smaller image) if you click on it without needing to download; https://www.dropbox.com/s/mkqtn7rruy3h2f2/Decent%20Sampler%20v%200.8.1%20file%20list.jpg?dl=0

    Not sure how latest versions are retaining info.


    On windows I see:
    SampleLibrary.db which is an sqlite file at:

    It seems to define the instruments under Browse.

    There is also:
    In the same folder that seems to define the File… menu

    David Hilowitz

    Hi all,

    You are of course completely correct that SampleLibrary.db is just a Sqlite database. Unfortunately, there’s no super easy way to move an entire sample library. It’s something that’s on my (rather long) list of features to tackle. I will get to it eventually, but probably not in the next month. In theory, if you just delete the database, the plugin should rescan your local directory and recreate the database. It’s not exactly an ideal solution, I know, especially if you have stuff in the database that isn’t in your directory that you don’t want to have blown away.

    bo din

    Thanks Sid and David.

    The issue I had with scanning files related to how many levels of folder DS looks into.

    Changing the folders path in Preferences to the the next level down ensures all the dspresets are found in the later versions of Decent Sampler.

    bo din

    Jeremy, did you get it sorted out ?

    David Hilowitz

    It makes sense that the issue would have to do with how deep the libraries go. I made a change recently that causes it to only look 2 directories deep. The reason for the change: it used to not be limited at all, and a handful of people had pointed their plugin at their samples drive which contained many gigs worth of data. Every time their plugin started up, it would scan their entire directory structure which took several minutes, so this was my solution to that. 🙂


    I download the archives to my Documents folder, unarchive them, and move the .zip files to a storage drive. Then play the instruments without further ado. The big commercial apps provide plenty of ado, should the need or desire for more complexity arise. DecentSampler won’t drive anyone crazy, and may in fact become a serendipity therapy tool to retrieve people from the edge. Anyone with a few fingers can enjoy playing chords and simple melodies with
    the Winter Voices, for example.

    Jeremy Giraudeau

    hey again and thanks all for following-up with this,

    I should have brought a precision that I forgot. If I’m correct, there are two ‘main’ ways to load a DS instrument.
    Through FILE… (that bo din screenshot) or through BROWSE > MY LIBRARIES (which is what I used)

    I thought both where behaving the same way, but it doesn’t seem so.
    FILE… rescan and synch the library path when you change it and tell him, so it’s great and it seems to be up-to-date.

    However MY LIBRARIES doesn’t, it duplicates the instrument with the new path and keep the old one.
    I regenerated SampleLibrary.db, and even installed a fresh new update from scratch for DS, that those old paths kept being here.

    I can DELETE those duplicated instruments one by one, which I did, so it’s fine now.
    But I’m still curious to understand why does this behaves this way.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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