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    AvatarPaul Matthews

    Hi everyone who has had input into this amazing resource! My question is whether there are plans to gradually make more and more samples available in Decent Sampler rather than just Kontakt 6, please?


    I just finished a DecentSampler version of Ibanez Dreams, a Guitar sampled by Keith Theodosiou that was in Kontakt version only. It took about an hour. I’ll be uploading it in a minute. If you have a spare hour to kill, and a copy of Kontakt Player (times out in 15 minutes), you can translate an instrument for us and re-upload.

    If everybody on this forum did just one instrument, we would have DS versions of all the Kontakt only instruments in no time.

    AvatarRobert pianobook

    Hi Sid,

    Is there some guide on this site that helps a noobs perform this conversion? I wouldn’t mind helping out where I can, as I really appreciate the libraries here.



    AvatarDallon Ghan

    It would be nice if we could sort by decent sampler as well on the site!


    See the links below.

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    Robert, Here are some
    How to see the Kontakt Mapping:
    How to create a DS instrument.

    Dallon, Try this link: Decent Sampler Instruments

    Looks like that posted.

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    I can’t see your version of DecentSampler for Ibanez Dreams.. it is just me ???àThx


    I’m working on my first instrument on decent sampler
    but need a little bit of help with looping the samples …


    Spatkukla: I uploaded it, but it hasn’t been added to the site yet.

    Christopher: Please check your other post.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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