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    Raul Yebra

    I just made a little tool (a local single page) to help creating dspresets.
    The main feature is that it recognizes the note names in the WAV files and generates the XML with the root, loNote/hiNote (filling the gaps), and loVel/hiVel values.
    It also shows minor errors and helps adding knobs, but it doesn’t add the FXs lines nor the bindings, and the knobs size/position require tweaking the XML.
    Anyway I think it’s a good starting point so here it is:


    This looks very helpful – can’t wait to check it out.
    Thank you!


    Thank you Raul! That looks very helpful indeed. First impression is that your tool makes it a lot easier for me to identify what I’m working on than working with the XML in Sublime Text.

    Raul Yebra

    New version including conversion from EXS (in text format) to dspresset:

    To learn how to get the EXS text you can watch @fred-poirier video in his awesome conversion project thread:

    EXS24 to DecentSampler conversion

    Thanks to Fred for the idea and testing, and to @david-hilowitz for the existence of the Decent Sampler.


    Luis Lucho

    Raúl, this is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for your hard work, I’m sure this conversion tool will be a game changer for DecentSampler and the Pianobook community!

    For now, the copy/paste trick you can see in the YT video works only with the old version of EXS24 (not Logic Sampler). I didn’t do extensive researches about Logic Sampler, so if anyone find a way to get the data out of Logic Sampler, this could open the possibility to use Logic Sampler as a development tool for DecentSampler!
    But if it is not possible to extract the data from Logic Sampler, there is always this solution: EXS24 can open Logic Sampler instruments, so any Pianobook member who still has an old version of Logic can do the conversion. It is of course a little longer, and it requires more cooperation, but isn’t that the whole point of a community?

    This is exciting!


    If we could get it to read the tx16wx mapping we can work around the EXS problem with Logic sampler. TX16 opens EXS from EXS24 and Sampler and will let you drag and drop the files like you can with EXS24 into a text file. But you get a different set of information from the EXS ones.


    The tx16wx mapping XML Schema is here https://www.tx16wx.com/download. Should be easy enough to parse.

    Raul Yebra

    Yup, that could be done. We would need a sample XML as a test guide, but to convert from one text format to another isn’t hard.
    It would be interesting to try reading the .exs directly, but being a proprietary binary format and without the specs…


    Some further info I dug up. Python script for converting EXS24 files to SFZ: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=399035

    Raul Yebra

    I think the links in the kvr thread are broken, but looking for similar things (python and exs24) I’ve found another python code to parse EXS files:
    It’s not working for me out of the box, so I don’t know if it’s ok, but it may be worth a try to follow the source and see if it can be ported to javascript.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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