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    First of all, I like the new site.

    I’ve been releasing (and plan to release) sample libraries in Kontakt and SFZ formats. I do appreciate others converting to DecentSampler and perhaps other platforms, but as my libraries get more and more complicated with custom scripting, I fear that some of the key features of the libraries that are coded in Kontakt, for example, will get lost in the other versions.

    While I think its great to convert to different formats so more people can enjoy the raw samples, would it be possible to make “converted to….” tag or something so that it’s known that the original creator did not make the conversion?

    bo din

    You are right, a couple of conversions (I forget which) are nothing like the original instrument or patch.

    Perhaps post a reply/review if you can’t edit the page to get that info across.

    Where there are only exs files to go on, loading them into TX16Wx or Directwave seldom went without a hitch.
    Once I’d got the KConvert script for Kontakt 5, I was able to load them and save them as nki/nkm. But I had no way of knowing what the creator had actually uploaded unless there was maybe a video demonstrating it. Consequently, I only share when someone raises interest in Kontakt versions in the forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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