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    I’m a Logic/Mainstage user and would like to access some of the wonderful Pianobook instruments that are currently only in Kontakt format. Is there a way to convert to EXS24 format (e.g., using Autosampler in Logic/Mainstage) that does not require my purchasing a full copy of Kontakt?

    Many thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.


    Tim, this is the question I keep coming back to look at, in case there’s ever an answer posted. I don’t have the inclination to purchase Kontakt – not only because of the price, but because I cannot seem to get a hang of the interface.

    I am just hoping upon hope that someone more knowledgeable than I will write some sort of script that will convert the Kontakt libraries into either EXS24 or SFZ.

    Bob Ellis


    The long method, which you may know, is to download the Kontakt instrument and it should contain a folder containing all the samples which you can then import into EXS24 etc

    As for the short method … hopefully your wish will come true.


    Terje Sandberg

    Bob is right. It is very easy and takes just a few minutes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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