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    Well, I hope this is not taken as a rant. I still think the concept of this project is absolutely great. But I am a bit disappointed about the way this site communicates – or rather, does not communicate. Namely between the initiators and the users. What I write here can already be found in a similar way in some threads of this forum.

    When or which instruments will appear in the library is not clear to me. There is no feedback if and when a submitted sound will be published. In a week, in one or three months? Or not at all? One doesn’t know.

    Technical problems:
    In the “website feedback” thread, the same problems are brought up, over and over again, and there is no discernible change, nor any visible exchange between users and admins. The same old error messages when writing a post or trying to edit one’s own profile eventually get on everyone’s nerves. The search for a contact option to draw attention to this is in vain: no contact person, no mail form, no e-mail address.

    And I suspect that this (and perhaps other points) will lead to it becoming quieter and quieter here in the forum. That’s a pity, because the creative process also thrives on creative exchange.

    Do I see this too narrowly? Am I too impatient? What do you think?

    bo dinbo din

    24 hours of silence.

    Too busy to spend time on this right now, but yes I have similar thoughts.

    bo dinbo din

    A couple of days ago I did a quick on-line message on Spitfire Audio but have not heard anything or seen any reaction as yet.

    Yesterday afternoon, I sent an email for Christian to Grace at Spitfire having a moan about the whole thing and while it was a quickly thrown together email, I would hope it generates some type of response regarding Pianobook, particularly as I mentioned this post Markus.

    Found some contacts by searching for ChristianHensonMusic on youtube and going to about.
    Then website and finally contacts.

    (actually think I posted similar reply but it it had urls in it so would need to be checked before it was published)


    I have to agree with Markus’ concerns here. It’s a bit odd to me, because Christian is still producing Pianobook videos on Youtube, so from that perspective it looks like an active project. But when I come here to the site, it has a bit of a ghost town feel.

    I’m finding a lot of posts on the forums about people having submitted updates and instruments but have heard nothing, some of them are almost a year old. I’ve been cross-checking some of those posts to the instruments, figuring that perhaps the instruments were updated but nobody bothered to update the forum post. But I’m finding the forum and the lack up updates on the instruments to be in sync with each other.

    I have my own updates to submit, and have time to do a lot of conversions now, but I don’t want to waste the time putting activity into a dead project if my submissions will just sit idle for 12+ months and not be available for anyone to use.

    Peter HintzePeter Hintze


    yeah, IMO the great and many submissions shows that it the initial idea was well received and produced a lot of feedback, but the forum activities and the Pianobook administration is a little bit intransparent and not very responding.
    Maybe Christian or the other Pianobook officials should invest a bit more time in Pianobook or make it somehow “open” to willing external people like us.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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