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    Micaela Lopes

    This post has the purpose of helping that person that is having problems with DecentSampler, to see if maybe is the same thing that happened to me.

    If you experience wired sounds clipping, crackling, or similar when playing through midi on DecentSampler, check changing the USB where the SoundCard is connected.

    I have a 202HD UCM from Behringer, and the USB port or it has dust or it’s broken, but i have been 1 hour trying to understand where the crackling came from, first i thought it was JACK, or a2jmidid that library that let’s you connect midi through jack in a very efficient way, but after turning everything off, i was only with ARDOUR, and DecentSampler as VST on Ardour, at that point crackling was there, you know like when you clip bad too much, in some notes not always, even turning down the volume didn’t help.

    After 1 hour, i have changed the USB port, to another one, and the problem is gone, i don’t know if it was a 3.0 USB port or if it has dust or something, but that was the problem confirmed 100%

    Now i’m playing, recording with no delay, my configuration right now is:
    UbuntuStudio 20
    ARDOUR with ALSA raw devices through UMC 202HD (no drivers needed)
    Midi entering through AudioPhile Maudio card (no drivers needed)
    DecentSampler on a Midi Track with the great Family Grand Piano from PianoBook (Binaural version)
    NO JACK, NO a2jmidid needed.

    Again try changing USB port if you fall in strange clipping sounds, after downloading the volume on the DAW or in the DecentSampler, that has a place to do so right above the software.

    Thanks David, and thanks Christian for your efforts for the community hope this gives you a lot back, and hope you go deep on the ideas to receive what you deserve from all this work, thanks a lot

    Christopher Vela

    ohhh nice i finally found a linux user

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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