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    Well, the main thing is said in the title. I am a singer with a baritone tone, I have two fellow bass and a tenor, and I want to create a library with a male choir. We all sing well, together with the tenor we have been singing for two years in an academic amateur choir, under the guidance of a professional teacher. Bass also has experience, he has been singing in church since childhood. So, I would like to create a free library for Kontakt but unfortunately I don’t have a full version of it. I don’t want to tell this sad story, but for several years I could not work due to mental problems, which is why I don’t have the money for the full version. If there is someone to whom I could send samples, and who could modify them to the library, please write to me, then the guys and I will start recording the samples. As an idea, I want to record several different and several syllables with different dynamics throughout the ranges of each of the singers, and so that in the library it would be possible to choose whether the singers should sound in chorus or solo. Thank you for your attention, and forgive my barbaric English, because I am Russian. God Bless google translate.

    bo din

    The translation is good, not many people interacting on the site who might be able to help at the moment.

    It seems like most people get their info about Pianobook on youtube (Pianobook or Christian Henson Music) and this site is more like a repository.

    You could try posting there as well.

    Перевод хороший, не так много людей, взаимодействующих на сайте, которые могли бы помочь в данный момент.

    Кажется, что большинство людей получают информацию о Pianobook на YouTube (Pianobook или Christian Henson Music), и этот сайт больше похож на репозиторий.

    Вы можете попробовать размещения там же. (Bing Translation)


    Ok I got it. Thank you for advice.


    Make the recordings first. There are plenty of us who can turn them into an instrument. Don’t let that slow you down. The important thing is to create a good set of recordings. Post back here when you have a set of recordings. There are plenty of people who can help you from there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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