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    AvatarRisto Sipola

    Hi everyone!

    I made a ReaScript kit that should make creating Decent Sampler instruments easier. The scripts work together with and depend on RJS Sampling Suite (that I introduced last week).

    Decent Sampler Instrument Builder Kit automaps samples, sets up loops, creates true-legato-mechanisms, adds effects and UI knobs and their bindings. The behavior of the instrument builder can be controlled via the default settings in the script file or by using input commands. In any case, using the scripts is easy. ReaScripts are just custom actions in Reaper.

    Here’s a demo video:

    I will probably make a couple of additional tutorial videos, especially on true-legato.

    The scripts can be downloaded here:
    (Press the green ‘Code’ button and select ‘Download Zip’)

    RJS Sampling Suite tutorial video series:

    Hopefully these will save you time and energy!


    AvatarRisto Sipola

    Here’s a new tutorial!

    Decent Sampler Instrument Builder Kit: Creating a multi mic true legato instrument

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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