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    Firstly, allow me to say helllo. I just signed up here a couple days ago. Love the concept, and also love a lot of the instruments here.
    That being said, I’d like to address something that I wish more creators paid attention to.
    If you go up to a real piano, and play notes on the highest octave and a half, from about E6 or G6 up to the end of the piano, you will notice that there are no dampers that come back to stop the ringing upon key release. Yet, I have found very few of the instruments here to respond likewise. A global release setting will work for most of the samples, but for better authenticity, adjusting the release time for the top 1.5 octaves so that the notes ring out even after the key is released, would make your instrument respond more like an actual piano. Just something to keep in mind for future projects. It’s an overlooked detail that I wish more people knew about and implemented.


    Hi! I agree that this is a very important small detail that can really add in some life to a sample set.

    In making my Kawai Baby Grand library I found a couple relatively easy ways to accomplish this for kontakt, whether it be applying keytracking to the incoming MIDI signal and setting that to a sharp modmap that changes the release time of a single envelope at a certain note # threshold, or by simply making separate groups for the top notes where the damper no longer applies and having separate volume envelopes.

    Depending on the method you choose and how (or if) you plan on incorporating some form of sympathetic resonance or release samples your mileage will vary on the exact interaction between those groups and the release times. For example you might not want the release sample set to make any sound / have any samples playing during the undampened releases of the upper notes.

    Anyway, cheers for mentioning this, any thought to improve the upload submission quality is always welcome here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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