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    bo din

    26th August 2020
    I finally finished working my way through all the stuff on Pianobook.

    Here’s a breakdown of the numbers;

    Kontakt 5.8.1 – 654 patches (nki) and 178 multis (nkm)
    Kontakt 6 – 226 patches (nki) and 15 multis (nkm)
    Logic Pro EXS24 – 222 patches (exs)
    Battery 4 – 12 kits (nbkt)
    sfz format – 38 patches (sfz)

    You can filter or sort certain things out on the site, but currently there is no way to ID the Kontakt 5.8.1 content for most entries.

    It is actually very difficult to display useful and appropriate information on these strange format forum pages. So here’s a test just with the letter P. As there is no preview, I have to hope it’s ok, because somethings post can’t be edited.

    If you look under Pianos libraries on the site, you should be able to locate PALM MUTED SCHIMMEL, and if you select to download it, there may be several and the name of the download is provided here as confirmation that you have the right pack for Kontakt 5.8.1


    PALM MUTED SCHIMMEL 3 nki Palm Mute Schimmel Kontakt.zip
    PALM MUTED UPRIGHT 1 nki Bård Linga – Bård Linga – Palm Muted Upright 2.0.zip
    PIANOCHORD 1 nki Quetzal Marchiori – Pianochord-Q.Marchiori.zip

      Guitars and Bass

    PIANOBOOK COMBO: GUITAR TEXTURES 1 nki Angus Roberts-Carey – Pianobook Guitar Textures.zip
    PIANO GTR HARMONICS LOVECHILD 1 nki, 3 nkm joshua meltzer – Piano GTR Harmonics Lovechild.zip

      Pads & Synths

    PIANO DAY SYNTHS 2 nki Emil G. – Piano Day Synths.zip
    POLY SIRIN 1 nki Bruce Crawford – Poly Sirin.zip

      Stringed Instruments

    PIZZICATO CELLO 1 nki Paul Vincent – Studio-Lucid-Pizz-Cello.zip

      Found Sounds

    PLASTIC VINEGAR 4 nki, 1 nkm Clay LaHatte – Plastic Vinegar Bottle – Kontakt 5.8.1.zip

      Drums & Perc

    PERCUSSION PALETTE 1 nki joshua meltzer – Percussion Palette.zip

    And don’t forget that many of the K6 only libraries do include wave or aif files that could be used to try and create instruments in K5 and other similar software.

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