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    Although I have kontakt and use it for most pianobook instruments, I’ve noticed that the first instrument released to the community for the pianobook advent calendar only has samples in the proprietary ncw format.

      Thank you

    , first of all, for submitting these.

    But is there anyway that we could get wav or similar standard file formats so that more of the community could use these samples? It seems sort of “out of the spirit” of a project like this when the point of pianobook is to share these samples with a large reach of musicians.

    Or at least for the upcoming releases include more filetypes? I’m sure I’ve done this before so am maybe not one to talk, but I am sure others would appreciate it!


    Hi Conner,

    Thanks for your post. You make a very good point. For anyone who doesn’t use Kontakt, here’s a Dropbox link to a folder of .aif audio files.

    Fire samples

    I’ve also asked if my submission may be amended with this folder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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