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    Tori Auder

    Hi there,

    I really do love this community here and all the little moments of creativity that found its source here through those wonderful instruments. As for me, I struggle with the Kontakt issue – “your version is too old to load…” since I’m using only the Kontakt 6 Player and not full Kontakt. I really think it’s sad, that a community based platform like this can’t fully be used by so many who would love to enjoy these instruments, because they don’t own an imho too expensive software (Kontakt). I might be seing this wrong, I don’t know. Don’t be to harsh on me 🙂

    I just wish I could play around with instruments like FIRE or the ST HELEN CLARINET PAD and so many others. I could not find any tools to convert… If anybody has a solution for this, I would appreciate some help/insight and would love to contribute.


    There is a group of us working to translate the Kontakt-only instruments into SFZ format which can be used with the free Sforzando player. https://www.plogue.com/products/sforzando.html

    Some are on the site, some are here: https://github.com/sfzinstruments/mappings/tree/master/Pianobook%20SFZ

    I just finished the Gentle Vibes SFZ version and uploaded it, and at your request I have done the ST HELEN CLARINET PAD. However, it takes some time between uploading and it appearing on the site.
    If you don’t want to wait, the code is below. Paste it into a pure text file:

    Title: St. Helen's Clarinet Pad
    Instrument: A clarinet and a viola combined into a blended pad.
    This instrument is the perfect example of two instruments, lacking that special
    something by themselves, coming together to form a beautiful whole.
    http://www.sfzformat.com/ https://plogue.com/products/sforzando.html Recorded by: Ash Verjee https://www.pianobook.co.uk/author/ash-verjee/ Terms of Use: https://www.pianobook.co.uk/terms Published on: Dec 10, 2020 =========================================== SFZ by Sid Place this SFZ file in the folder outside of the Samples folder. */ // Pianobook MVP SFZ Template V 1.0 <control> default_path=St. Helen's Clarinet Pad Samples/ label_cc007=Master Volume label_cc010=Master Pan label_cc074=Brightness label_cc064=Sustain label_cc020=Viola Vol label_cc021=Clarinet Vol set_cc074=127 <global> amplitude_oncc7=100 pan=50 pan_oncc10=200 ampeg_attack=0.005 ampeg_decay=0 ampeg_sustain=100 ampeg_release=1 ampeg_hold=0 ampeg_delay=0 offset=0 note_polyphony=2 note_selfmask=off // soft piano style fil_type=lpf_2p cutoff=200 cutoff_cc074=9600 //=========================================================================== <group> group=1 group_label=Viola lovel=0 hivel=127 locc20=1 hicc20=127 xfin_locc20=1 xfin_hicc20=127 <region> sample=Tape Viola with Reverb.wav hikey=100 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=G#4 //=================================================================== <group> group=2 group_label=Clarinet lovel=0 hivel=127 locc21=1 hicc21=127 xfin_locc21=1 xfin_hicc21=127 <region> sample=D3.wav hikey=D3 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=D3 <region> sample=A3.wav hikey=A3 lokey=D#3 pitch_keycenter=A3 <region> sample=E4.wav hikey=E4 lokey=A#3 pitch_keycenter=E4 <region> sample=B4.wav hikey=B4 lokey=E#4 pitch_keycenter=B4 <region> sample=F#5.wav hikey=100 lokey=C4 pitch_keycenter=F#5
    Tori Auder

    Dear Sid,

    Thank you so so much! This more than I could ask for! I really hope many pianobooks users stumble upon this post. I really appreciate the work you are doing here 🙂 another example of why this is such a great community!

    If you ever find the time, the advent calendar instrument called FIRE would be great aswell 🙂
    But no need to hustle, you did more than enough already.

    Thank you!

    All the best


    Well, Fire was a bit of a challenge. It will also be a challenge to use the sfz.
    The sound files are in Kontakt NCW format, so you will need to export them to WAV for Sforzando to use them.
    1. download and unzip the kontakt version
    2. load the instrument into the kontakt player and click the icon that looks like a floppy disk to save.
    3. choose “save as…”
    4. Give the name “Wav.nki” select “Patch+Samples” and uncheck “Compress Samples”

    Now you will have a folder called “Wav Samples”. Put the code below in a text file outside of the “Wav Samples” folder.

    Title: Fire
    Instrument: Field recordings of a small garden bonfire become a playable instrument
    Using the stereo capsule on a Zoom H5, I made two field recordings of a small
    garden bonfire, one from about two metres away and the other as close as I
    could stand without burning myself. The gentle cracking of the fire became this
    instrument's sustain and the snaps and pops became the attack.
    http://www.sfzformat.com/ https://plogue.com/products/sforzando.html Recorded by: Alexander Ling Terms of Use: https://www.pianobook.co.uk/terms Published on: Dec 15, 2020 =========================================== SFZ by Sid Has Intensity to crossfade two audio files per note (click the number to drag up or down). Has a band pass filter for Color. Has control for attack Length. No Splash (reverb) control except what is built into Sforzando. Place this SFZ file in the "Fire" folder outside of the samples folder. */ // Pianobook MVP SFZ Template V 2.5 <control> default_path=Wav Samples/ label_cc007=Master Volume label_cc010=Master Pan label_cc074=Color label_cc020=Intensity label_cc021=Length set_cc020=4 set_cc074=64 set_cc10=64 //Pan = 128*.5 (50%) or Centered <global> amplitude_oncc7=100 ampeg_attack=0.001 ampeg_attack_oncc21=1 ampeg_decay=0 ampeg_sustain=100 ampeg_release=0.6 ampeg_hold=0 ampeg_delay=0 off_shape=0 note_selfmask=off loop_mode=loop_continuous loop_start=10000 loop_end=762000 // band pass filter for color fil_type=bpf_1p cutoff=200 cutoff_cc074=9600 //========== Low Intensity Group ======================== <group> group=1 group_label=Low Intensity lovel=0 hivel=127 locc20=0 hicc20=127 xfout_locc20=0 xfout_hicc20=127 loop_start=10000 loop_end=590000 seq_length=8 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR1.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR1.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR1.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR1.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR1.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR1.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR2.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR2.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR2.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR2.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR2.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR2.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR3.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR3.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR3.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR3.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR3.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR3.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR4.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR4.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR4.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR4.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR4.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR4.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR5.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR5.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR5.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR5.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR5.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR5.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR6.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR6.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR6.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR6.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR6.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR6.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR7.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR7.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR7.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR7.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR7.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR7.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_A3_0_99_RR8.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_E4_0_99_RR8.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_B4_0_99_RR8.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_F#5_0_99_RR8.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_C#6_0_99_RR8.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_G#6_0_99_RR8.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 //========== High Intensity Group ======================== <group> group=2 group_label=High Intensity lovel=0 hivel=127 locc20=0 hicc20=127 xfin_locc20=0 xfin_hicc20=127 loop_start=5000 loop_end=590000 seq_length=8 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR1.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR1.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR1.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR1.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR1.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=1 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR1.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR2.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR2.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR2.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR2.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR2.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=2 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR2.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR3.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR3.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR3.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR3.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR3.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=3 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR3.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR4.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR4.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR4.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR4.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR4.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=4 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR4.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR5.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR5.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR5.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR5.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR5.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=5 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR5.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR6.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR6.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR6.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR6.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR6.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=6 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR6.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR7.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR7.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR7.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR7.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR7.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=7 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR7.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_A3_100_127_RR8.wav hikey=60 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=57 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_E4_100_127_RR8.wav hikey=67 lokey=61 pitch_keycenter=64 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_B4_100_127_RR8.wav hikey=74 lokey=68 pitch_keycenter=71 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_F#5_100_127_RR8.wav hikey=81 lokey=75 pitch_keycenter=78 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_C#6_100_127_RR8.wav hikey=88 lokey=82 pitch_keycenter=85 <region> seq_position=8 sample=firecrackle_G#6_100_127_RR8.wav hikey=100 lokey=89 pitch_keycenter=92
    bo din


    Hi, I have Kontakt so don’t use sfz a great deal but always like to see how things work with other tools mainly in FLStudio.

    When I save the above code as text and then as sfz and load these two .sfz into Sforzando as a standalone or as plugin in FLStudio, the volume is at zero and sometimes other knobs are too. For example, Viola, Clarinet and Intensity on the Fire is at 3%. And it has come up before in the forum a few months ago.

    Did you always save the .sfz this way or it is it some sort of limitation of the software, sfz creator or whatever you use, sforando ? And do you use Sforzando yourself ?

    It’s not a big issue for me, so I’m not expecting an in depth explanation about it.

    Take care now.


    So it works like this:


    The code above will set the name of the CC being used to Intensity, and the initial value to 4 (out of 128) which will give you about 3%

    To set the initial volume for the Clarinet and Viola to say 50% use:

    label_cc020=Viola Vol
    label_cc021=Clarinet Vol

    Thanks for the note. I’ll remember to set better defaults.


    As to your other question, I use only SFZ as a sampler format (since the early days when it was maintained primarily by Cakewalk). I have the free Kontakt player, and learned Kontakt code only well enough to be able to translate it into SFZ. I like that it is an open standard and I just can’t justify the cost of the full Kontakt just to play some free sample instruments. As for an editor, I try every one the comes out, but I find myself going back to a simple text editor.

    bo din

    Much appreciated Sid. Nice to have a glimpse into how you go about it.

    It was the Sid – The 9000ft PIANO.sfz that caught us out previously.

    I remember now, that you had put the instruction in the .sfz itself (on where it needed to be placed).
    Fortunately I was aware that sfz was text based and found the info that way. Once we got the file in the right place, it took a while to realize the volume controls are not in the front panel and that we needed turn it up !


    Hey Sid, thanks for making an SFZ version available for Gentle Vibes! However, I could not get it to work here. I understand that you first have to download the Kontakt version and then the SFZ file, place the SFZ file in the main folder on one level (but not inside) the samples folder, right? Both Sforzando and Sfizz would seemingly load the SFZ, but the keyrange on the keyboard is empty and no sound when pressing any of the keys.

    Did anyone manage to use the SFZ version of Gentle Vibes so far?

    bo din

    A quick fix in sforzando ;
    Drag the sfz onto the GUI and then select the CONTROLS tab and turn the volume knobs up.

    But that is still too damned quiet for me, so close whatever you have with Gentle Vibes sfz and right click on right-click on the sfz and select: Open with… (use Notepad)

    In Notepad search for the three volume settings on 0 and change them to say 25. (the higher, the louder it will be later)

    Save the changes as an sfz.

    Load the sfz into sforzando and go back to CONTROLS tab and turn the volume knobs to get the mix you are after.


    Thanks @bo din. I will try that!


    ‘@ Tori:
    Hi, I’ve had Kontakt for a few years now, and I keep appreciating it more each year. I’ll post some links to what is included in Kontakt, keeping in mind that it will likely be half-price in their Thanksgiving/holiday sale in November, so there are around 130-170 days in which to gather $200, so people are needing to save around $1.50 a day, and the sale usually ends on Newyears Eve, so gifts maight be in play. I love many of the sounds from Kontakt, but don’t like the gui. DecentSampler is fine for many purposes, and with great sounds like Winter Voices, The Lamp, Array Mbira,
    special instruments, and many fine pianos/guitars, there’s always something calling us out to play, and no complaints about the gui.



    review: https://www.idesignsound.com/kontakt-6-review/

    tutorial: https://youtu.be/Efc-2R9A-Ic

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