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    Rob Darke

    Just wanted to thank the whole team behind Pianobook in advance of the launch of the new site, as teased recently by Christian (and now also the front page, presumably).

    Getting back into hobbyist music for the first time in…oh my…thirty years or so(!) has been a wide-eyed revelation compared to the relatively awkward and limited tools I had back in my late teens/early twenties (an Amiga, midi interface, a couple of hardware synths and a Tascam 424 – I don’t even recall what midi software package I used).

    Inspiring resources like Pianobook are an absolute godsend – for professionals and hobbyists alike I’m sure – but especially so when getting off the ground again.

    So, thank you guys. Hope the new site launch goes well

    Stephen Tallamy

    Thanks for the lovely message! It’s very exciting to see how Pianobook has grown over the last few years and we can’t wait for the next chapter!


    Can I second this? I really have been thinking this exactly especially over the past few weeks. This community has really reinvigorated an interest in composing, which I had sort of bailed on about ~4-5 years ago, mainly due to frustration about findings sounds really (and sort of a hesitance about making my own).

    What is particularly great is not just the constant stream of interesting sounds that keep good ideas coming, but the ability to share those ideas via demos, which get heard by real actual people! There is nothing more disheartening that making something new and not really having a way of sharing it out into the world, and receiving kinds of direct and indirect feedback on them, and I think it has really improved my trackmaking in general.
    So thank you! THANK YOU!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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