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My apologies, Simon. I should have added the Henson Proviso to my post; namely: “Bearing in mind I haven’t got a fucking clue what I’m talking about….”, which applies far more to me than it does to Christian. What makes this worse is that I’ve looked for the pianobook video on new instruments several times and even with scrolling have failed to find it. Perhaps I’ve been looking too soon, before you’ve had time to post it?

Just the one thing on my shrinking wishlist, then – well, two if you count ‘delete’ as well as ‘edit’.

I should probably add – following a forum conversation with Marcus ‘Da Fingaz’ Manderson about the new demo guidelines – that, as a 60-year-old with a fair amount of time on my hands each week I’d be willing to volunteer (assuming the site users find my demos useful) to be allocated at least one demo a week to record if this helps to populate the site with demos for recently added instruments. Ideally this would be a Kontakt instrument as I already have the full version and am probably about as competent at using it as I ever will be.

Again, just food for thought.

Thanks again,