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bo din

OK, managed to recreate the issue in Windows.

This solution is for Windows and DecentSampler v1.0.4

Go to C:UsersusernameAppDataRoaming

Delete the following folders (or move them to another location so you can put them back if you need to);
Decent Sampler

These folders will be automatically created (though empty) when you next launch DecentSampler.

You will need to log in to your DecentSamples account when next launching DecentSampler.

Next, choose a location for your sample library settings including ‘Cover Art’ images. I just click on Select Folder at the bottom.

Then, go to File > Preferences > Sample Library Location and browse for the location of the folder where all your libraries and presets are. (Remember it can only scan down to a depth of two folders).

That’s it. Any library or presets should now show under File and each time you load something from the File menu it will add it to the libraries tab along with it’s ‘cover art’.

A quick note to Dave in case he reads this. I notice that the Cover Art folder is getting a lot of duplicates if I don’t delete said folder (and/or contents) while trying a lot of this out. Would this be prevented if it didn’t have the numbering system ?