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Richard Ferrando

No offense taken, sir! It’s just a friendly discussion!

Personally I just scored according to the story in the scene itself, which is “Guys with guns want dude with iPad, heroes need to protect him.” That story is a complete narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. The “why” of the whole thing I didn’t think mattered.

If we were asked to score the scene within the context of the episode, then sure, context would matter. But we weren’t asked to do that. They just gave us a scene in isolation and said “do whatever you want.”

Furthermore, if they had asked for contextual scoring, how unfair would that make the competition for people who have no access to watch the episode? Not everyone can afford HBO, and in some places, HBO isn’t even available (and there’s no way Spitfire would expect people to pirate it to observe the context.) Remember, this contest was open to everyone, regardless of experience, regardless of access. We weren’t competing for a job, it was literally nothing more than “Here’s a thing. What does it mean to you?” And there’s no wrong answer to that question.