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darko kutchutozov

HI just wanted to highlight a couple of things…

so few people observed the “genre switch” I think it’s notable that he didn’t either really. i.e. it clearly says “FILM” genre, not MEDIA type (the drug has a very specific name for a reason I would guess). The episode is called GENRE ffs! I can’t believe anybody tried to score this without any narrative context but obviously 1,000’s did. That said why choose an entry that chose to “break” the brief completely? Bending it is what we do to make things interesting but this is just WRONG imho! Ironically I chose the closest thing I could think of to “computer game” music (it reminded me of 80’s-90’s sci-fi) and went with 90’s anime roughly 😉 … At least it’s a damn film genre.

I love chip tune and would have loved to see it done well here but for me it was far too “jolly” in tone and the drums were beyond awful. The same thing could have been amazing imho if given a much darker more “castlevania” feel rather than that of everyones favourite plumber. Which by the way is probably STILL the best game score in history by MILES! 4 interchangeable channels of pure magic that to this day are iconic! This was, in my opinion, irreverent to the “genre” of game music generally! Koji Kondo we’re so sorry!!! (DEEP BOW).