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Richard Ferrando

I really don’t understand the vitriol this is getting. It was a fun, different take on the material. So many people are saying it’s not appropriate for the scene. But comedy is a valid choice. My entry was comedic as well. I mean, the show used “Ride of the Valkyries” to underscore this scene when it aired, the missile HUD display turns into a smiley face right before the truck explosion, and it features a slow-speed chase with robots shooting a bazooka from a driverless Smart Car limousine. That smells like comedy to me.

And the fact that he’s done work in Hollywood is a red herring. Paul said on Twitter that all the entries were anonymized ( https://twitter.com/MrPaulThomson/status/1276968157245132801 ), so there’s no way the judges would know whose work is whose. Plus, he was an assistant sound editor. He probably was never in the same building as JJ, let alone the same room. People tend to forget that in LA, everyone and their brother works in entertainment. It’s the dominant industry, like working for Amazon in Seattle or a car company in Detroit. I worked for Warner Bros. for five years, it doesn’t mean I’m close personal friends with Bugs Bunny.