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Keith Theodosiou

I have noticed that the videos seem to rotate with the #
Sometimes my video shows and sometimes it doesn’t so hopefully, everyones will get seen at some point.
Also regarding the ‘views amount’, the judges will not be interested in that. If someone has 600 views and someone has only 6 views, if the six views piece is way better than the 600 views, they will pick the 6 views.
Views just means you have more followers not that their music is better. (or some people keep clicking on their tracks to ‘bump’ up their views lol).
Also thumbs up compared to thumbs down, that won’t be an issue either.
Some people will put a thmbs down hoping that it affects other peoples chances lmao (sad people indeed).

If the judges like the music you composed and how you worked it to film, then you have a decent chance. That’s how it will work 🙂