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I’ve also jumped in on this and spent more time than I’d care to admit on it!
Like The Ansion, I was overwhelmed when I saw the sheer amount of uploads there on youtube, sifting through them all is going to be an unenviable task.

Also frustratingly, like Keith, for some reason despite the #’s Youtube hasn’t cached my upload so it doesn’t turn up in search results so I guess it’s all been in vain, especially with the volume of other uploads.

Some really interesting compositions up here, it’s fascinating listening to how everyone interprets the visual elements into their own idea.

Here’s mine:

I’ve learnt a lot in doing this but most important for me has been mix translation. Learning how different it can sound on studio monitors to headphones, through to TV, laptop and phone, along with the subtle differences Youtube’s compression can make to it, there have been quite a few revisions haha