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Keith Theodosiou

Thanks Kalen, you have some good points.
I am just like any other composer out there, either well known or like us. We write a piece of music that we are proud of and we just want others to hear it. It’s really that simple.

Our music reflects our personalities in a way and what we are feeling at a particular moment but we are really no different as composers than any other type of artist. We create and we want to share.
I suppose I will keep posting my music and if people want to listen, they will.

To be honest, I know I over do it when it comes to my music, say for instance when I got Spitfire’s BBCSO, I caned youtube with my music lol. Even with Pianobook I flooded soundcloud with my demos but I can’t help it, I write and I post.

I suppose it’s just Human nature to want people to like whatever you do 🙂