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Good morning, and good cheer! I must say, it’s a bit of a letdown to craft a decent reply
to someone asking for help, and the reply doesn’t immediately show up. This never happens at any other forum I access. I don’t really care if there is some moderator/babysitter out there who thinks their opinions about posts are higher priority than the discussion at hand. I do care that a nice creative community is slowed down, if not discouraged, by the current slack-handed arrangement in place. It’a a bad look, especially when starting out, and with people who are sharing their efforts and knowledge. I know from the videos that good people with good intentions are involved, but this waiting game for posts to be scrutinized is an un-necessary absurdity. If the site has been deluged with profane or defaming posts in the past, and strict moderation is a must, by all means, explain the state of affairs, and have a ‘sticky’ explaining the aftermath, and the steps in place, so it doesn’t come off as complacency or incompetance etc.