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bo din

Ever get the feeling you aren’t being watched ?

There is next to no direct communication between the “keyholders” and the users on this site or in this forum.

I think the backbone of the keyholders of Pianobook is made up from staff at Spitfire Audio. And they have a business to run first and foremost. So their time is limited to maintaining the site including working on and uploading the new contributed libraries rather than responding to the forum.

As it is free content, I accept the site for what it is now, though there is much that could be improved upon.

I am grateful for the content and hope some of my posts and comments have helped others.

What can I say ?

Contribute it again.

Email direct to any address you can find for Spitfire Audio.

Contribute it again, wait for library to be published and post a review if necessary with a link to a dropbox correction with the smallest upload size possible, hopefully just a replacement nki/exs type file rather than the samples. (Of course it could get picked up when they have a look at it, I have no idea how they go about it)

Hope someone from Pianobook actually does read this and replies.

Purely speculation on my part in the following paragraph……
Who knows, they might be sifting through the contributions and picking out the outstanding libraries and offering a commercial contract for said libraries with non-disclosure agreements. And with so many real world musicians exploring what they can do with modern technology maybe there is a mountain of stuff to go through. We would never know.